Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Is Virtual PD All About?

Is Your 2013 Operation Plan Looking To 
-Lower Costs 
-Become More Efficient
-Improve Ratings

Virtual PD IS your dedicated PD for the stations in your cluster that have potential to shine, but need that extra attention that's hard to keep in the budget. 

All the programming needs are covered including: 
  • Music Scheduling - The whole log is done everyday and sent to your traffic system for merging.  Every song is carefully scheduled to meet the music strategy for your station in your market.  
  • Talent Coaching - Regular calls with the talent to review show performance, show prep, social media integration, local events, and audience interaction. 
  • Imaging - A full imaging map is worked out to make sure the product is fresh, recycling, promoting it's contests and building it's position in the market between every song.  
  • Promotion - Help to create client promotions, build the monthly calendar, and hype it all up on the air.  Virtual PD even makes sure your social media work has meaningful posts, a strategic plan and plenty of activity to bond with the audience. 
  • Interface with Sales - Need help understanding the target audience? Breaking out the latest ratings? Coming up with a strategy or promotion for a special client?  Building show sponsorships? Creating events? Net Meetings with the Sales team?  It's at your disposal.  
It's everything an in house PD would do and more.   And you get an accomplished programmer with the experience and skills to really help you grow ratings and revenue. Virtual PD interfaces with your multi-tasking Ops Manager helping them focus on the most important stations in the cluster.  

The day to day details are taken care of on that Classic Rock, Classic Hits or AC station that plays a vital role in the cluster, but cannot afford to spend the resources on a dedicated PD.   With a very small staff - often using air talent already in the building with voice tracking and careful use of syndicated shows you can build station with a Strong Local Presence.  A station that still stands out in the community, interacts with the local audience and market, and builds that bond that makes radio special to your clients.   The key is building a new operating platform and Virtual PD gives you the tools to make that most of the stations in your cluster that could be contributing more.  

This is not the usual Consultant role with broad stroke advice - it's hands on solutions to your needs every week.  Of course there are a limited number of stations that can be handled on a Virtual PD level.  If you want a new option to working with your operating budget and producing top notch results that your team can sell in your community Virtual PD can help - just call 574 273 0559 and see how it fits your needs.